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See what other people are saying about our The Met at 3rd and Fillmore apartments! At The Met at 3rd and Fillmore Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I have lived here for a year and unfortunately did not enjoy my time here. Facilities are often damaged or closed including some areas of the pool, gates...


Aaron and Abel were outstanding. Moving to a new city can be daunting and stressful, they made sure we could be at ease with our living situation. They've been extremely helpful and kind. Our A/C wasn't working the best and they had someone fixing it within 20 minutes. Thanks guys!


Moving to a new state and trying to find a place to live sight unseen is quite a task, but Aaron and Abel have been so helpful! I’m pretty sure I emailed them every day for a month and they were always happy to help me and provide whatever information I was looking for. This has been the smoothest move in I have ever had!


Actually the most low stress apartment leasing experience of my life. Aaron and Abel were not only extremely friendly but remained very non transactional during the whole ordeal, even accommodating my schedule at short notice several times. Excellent experience.


Coming from Roosevelt Point up the block (DO NOT LIVE THERE, complete shiiiThole under new management), the bar was set pretty low. Still, Aaron and Abel have blown my expectations out of the water, and I could not be happier living at the Met. They were both super friendly and timely with getting me set up, and they've helped with everything I've needed. (Aaron is also a phenomenal baker and shares his cakes with residents. Maybe not a reason to base your decision about where to live, but definitely a good perk of living at the Met.) Aaron and Abel are a large part of the reason why I chose the Met over Skyline (across the street). Now that I'm here and settled, I couldn't be happier. My apartment is spacious, clean, and really cool. Also couldn't be more convenient if you're looking to live near the ASU Law School.


Awesome customer services spoke with the manager “I believe his name is Abel” awesome dude and friendly .. was able to answer all my questions can’t wait to meet him soon and get a tour around the complex


Verified Resident

Aaron Dowdell was very helpful and great in letting me know about the place. I’m very glad I decided to live here.


Ok, I have been here a month now and so it's time to write my review. Let's start from the beginning. I first contacted Aaron Dowdell two weeks before signing my lease about an apartment at the Met and what was available. I was originally looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom with a garage, however Aaron gave me some information about a studio loft unit that sounded interesting. Aaron supplied about 5 pictures of the unit that were very helpful in my decision making process (all of this was done over the phone and through text messages). I decided to go with the lift unit as it was larger then what I had expected. The pluses were that I had no one above me, below me or around me. The unit sits above four garages and I have only on neighbor about 20 feet away. Aaron walked me through the leasing process step by step. Aaron showed a level of professionalism on the phone, through texting as well as in person that I have rarely seen in this day and age. Aaron's personal appearance was very professional in attire and his professionalism (attention to detail, respectfulnes) were top notch. While the unit was and still is very nice, it was Aaron's interaction that made my decision to move here. Since I have been here I have had a couple of maintenance issues that were handled in a very professional manner as well as timely. Aaron and the staff at the Met have been outstanding all the way throughout my stay here. I would recommend this place to anyone. Great place to live and wonderful experience so far. Aaron I can't thank you enough for everything you have done. Larry Queen



Called on the phone and spoke to abel and he was very knowledgeable on a one bedroom and cant wait to go see it and hopefully move here !!

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